Certified health & wellness coach for millennial women who want to enjoy life
feeling healthy, confident, and free (without the calorie counting or food obsession).



I'm so glad you're here.


Hi, I'm Kim. I coach women on how to ditch the dieting, calorie counting, and food obsession so they can enjoy life feeling healthy in their bodies, confident in their clothes, and free around food (because there is so much more to life than fad diets, countless hours at the gym, and obsessing over how you look). I've spent years feeling this exact way, searching for a solution, studying different topics and theories, and making a lot of mistakes (so you don't have to).

You don't have to continue hating your body, feeling restricted around food, constantly buying new clothes because nothing fits right, or declining social invites because you're energy and confidence is non-existent. You don't have to spend another night binge-watching Netflix and missing out on exciting experiences because you're feeling too bloated, exhausted, and hangry to leave the house. There is a way to create a lifestyle that is fun, healthy, and sustainable so you can still enjoy the things you love, finally fit into those jeans, and feel confident in your own skin.. Without restrictions.




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