With each episode, I bring you encouragement and remind you that even on the most chaotic days, you still have your glow✨ 


"I’ve been following Kim on Instagram since I was pregnant with my second (Blake was in her belly) and she is just a fun relatable mama! I’ve been enjoying listening to her podcast and can’t wait to hear more!"

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We chat about...


I want us all to feel less alone in the midst of pregnancy, postpartum and on this journey of motherhood. 


I share my wellness and lifestyle swaps that I use to help me be the healthiest mama I can be. 


I give all my pro GLOW tips to help you shift your mindset and internally feel like you are glowing!

"Kim is someone that will make you forget you're not friends in real life! Listening to this podcast is like listening to a friend! I have loved her workouts after all pregnancies and she is just super relatable and gives good advice. I can trust anything she promotes!"




I’m an entrepreneur, fit pregnancy coach, mom of three and a strong believer that new and expecting moms can get fit and happy just like I did. I’m here to help you step into your power through fitness, because healthy moms raise happy babies.


Reach out to us at [email protected] with your questions, topic suggestions, or if you'd like to be a guest.

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Ep 16: My Birth Stories

Trigger Warning: Birth, Pregnancy

If you are pregnant yourself, decide if hearing other birth stories are helpful for you. 

Today, I am sharing each of my stories with my girls. I am giving you the honest truth of my birth’s the beautiful, the trauma, the lessons, and I even give you some of my tools that I used and I link them below. The app was my favorite! Leave a review or comment on IG telling me more about your birth story!

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Ep 15:Walk of Mom Shame- It’s not just You Mama!

All right, we have all been there. Our kids are melting down and all we want to do is hide in a shell and roll out of that store. We run out of there and feel like everyone is staring! Well today, I want you not to feel alone. Tune in as I read other mamas walk of shame stories as well. You will get a laugh out of these!

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Ep 14: Baby Number 4 Plans ?!

You asked. I am here to answer.

 Today, I am giving you the FULL lowdown at where I am at with having a fourth baby. I get this question all of the time and honestly, I run through this question all the time on my own. I am breaking down all of my fears and also all of the reasons that I think I want another baby! Who KNOWS?! For now, listen to me run through it all!

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Ep 13: Why is working out so hard?! 4 tips for moms

We are talking about why it can feel so hard to just get going in a workout as moms! Why does it feel so hard? What can we do to motivate ourselves? Why is it important to take care of ourselves with moving our bodies? 

You will leave this episode with some great tips and maybe even an understanding and some grace for yourself when you just aren’t feeling it. 

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Ep 12: Get Your Glow

Are you looking to get your glow back? You know what I mean! You want to feel that shine again, even as a busy mama taking care of little humans. Today, I’m giving you all of my tips and tricks to how I suggest you get that glow back!

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Ep 11: Best and Worst Advice for Moms

This week, I wanted to share some of the best and worst advice given to us moms! Thanks to those of you who submitted advice!

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Ep 10: Valentines day - I married my stalker - Our love story

Happy Valentine’s day! This week I wanted to share my love story with you. I am filling you in on my favorite details about Justin and I, giving you my best relationship advice, and sending you into the week FULL of love.

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Ep 9: My story - How I became a Fit Pregnancy coach 

In this week’s episode, I want to share my story with you! I’m sharing details about my pregnancies, starting my business, what I loved, what I struggled with, and how I got to where I am now. I’m so excited to have you join me through this journey!

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Ep 8: Which transition is the hardest? 3 kids rocked me 🤪

On this week's podcast, we’re digging into to the topic of transitions. I’m sharing my personal stories and theories on the topic, as well as what I have heard and learned from all of you!

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Ep 7: Postpartum Anxiety - My experience

On this week's podcast, I’ll be sharing some of my recent favorites with you all, as well as delving into the complex topic of postpartum anxiety, and there is certainly a lot to discuss so let's get into it!

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Ep 6: Helping you create (and stick with) your 2023 goals!

We’re continuing the trend of new years resolutions and I’m helping you set (and stick with) yours! We’re talking about accountability, enjoying the simple things, consistency with working out and being an even better mom this year. Grab a pen and some paper! You’ll want to write down some of these resolutions!

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Ep 5: Resolutions or goals? What I'm committing to in 2023

New Year, new resolutions! I am so excited to share with you my resolutions and goals for this year. We’re talking about everything from prioritizing to online shopping. Ready to jump in?

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Ep 4: Regrets About Moving to Florida

The wait is OVER!!

Welcome to my first *official* podcast! I am so excited to be in your ear sharing about mom life, wife-ing, being a business owner, and balancing it all. With each episode, I hope to bring you some encouragement,

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Ep 3: Are morning workouts bad for you?!

Having little ones around doesn’t mean sacrificing your morning routine. In this episode, I break down how I reclaimed my mornings. 

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Ep 2: Q+A weight loss, going back to MA, bedtime struggles

The wait is OVER!!

I may be a little stuffed up this week, but that’s not gonna stop me from answering some of your most requested questions and giving you the low down on my Christmas list.

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Ep 1: The Wait is Over

The wait is OVER!!

Welcome to my first *official* podcast! I am so excited to be in your ear sharing about mom life, wife-ing, being a business owner, and balancing it all. With each episode, I hope to bring you some encouragement.

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