Your Postpartum Body: When and How to Start Exercising Safely

You made it through 40 weeks (give or take!) of pregnancy, you have the cutest, snuggliest newborn in your arms and you are so ready to start taking care of your body and building up that strength … but you aren’t quite sure where to start… sound familiar?!


I got you, Mama!


There are so many questions postpartum like:

  • When can I start working out?
  • What workouts should I do first? 
  • How much weight can I lift?
  • When will I start seeing changes in my body?
  • How do I workout with a baby!?!
  • Am I doing the exercises correctly?!

Within the first 4 to 6 weeks your postnatal body is considered “normal” in the fact that all systems are back to normal.

Your systems (blood volume, heart rate, etc.) decrease in activity within 2-3 days of your baby’s arrival.  All returning entirely normal by 6 weeks postpartum....But you’re left with loose muscles, extra fat, fluid retention for breastfeeding and sometimes some cellulite among other physical differences.

It can be hard to adjust to your new body, but remember what it just created! It took your body 9 months to change & grow a baby, so be gentle with yourself & give your body time to transform.


Notice how hard your body is working in the first few weeks postpartum, it is a delicate time for your body and your muscles.

Each day may be a whirlwind at this point and I want to encourage you that you just need 10-15 minutes each day to make a powerful impact on regaining your strength and building endurance! 

I created my FREE After Baby Fitness Guide to provide you with the tools and information you need post-pregnancy so that you can feel confident and energized as a new mom! You can download it here!

xo, Kim





I want to publicize that I am not a medical professional. Always consult with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine.
I am a fitness lover & Prenatal/Postnatal Specialist who enjoys reading, learning, researching and trying new fitness techniques to improve my health. I take what I learn and share it with others who also want to have more energy, get strong and feel amazing! One of the biggest things I have learned is there is no one method that will work for everyone. We are all so different and it’s important to figure out what works for YOU! Visit my Programs page to learn more about the different fitness programs I offer for each stage of motherhood!