What to Expect Postpartum: Must Haves

What to Expect Postpartum: Must Haves

Those first few weeks and months postpartum can be such a whirlwind! But there are so many amazing resources we can utilize as mamas to help us feel better and take care of ourselves and our baby! 

Here are some of my favorites:



Floral Robe

Pink Stork Postpartum Bundle

Protea Hormone Support

Fridamom Peribottle

Nipple Butter

Nursing Bras

Haakaa Silicone Pump

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Mother’s Milk Tea

Lactation Cookie Baking Mix

After Ease

Nursing Cami

Nursing Crewneck Sweater


Every mama’s postpartum journey is unique - what are some of your favorite items that I’m missing?!

xo Kim