Rules for Visiting a Postpartum Mama

Rules for Visiting a Postpartum Mama

I'm sure so many of you mamas already know this and have the BEST ideas for what to do when visiting a postpartum mama in those first few weeks, but I wanted to share some of my favorites!

✅ ALWAYS ask permission before visiting. Surprising a postpartum mom is rarely a good idea...

✅ NEVER show up empty handed - bring coffee, a meal, snacks, new PJS or even ask ahead of time "WHAT can I bring?!" 

✅ Short visits are very much appreciated. Unless you are helping around the house... Folding laundry, holding the baby while mama naps/showers/eats, running a dishwasher load... the smallest things can be SO helpful 🙌🏼

✅ You can always drop a little gift off at the door too if she isn't ready for visitors! Or better yet - pick up her grocery order! 

The most important thing - be loving & understanding that she is TIRED and is not able to "host" you. Be the most supportive you can be!