Pregnancy Weight Gain: What to Expect

Pregnancy Weight Gain: What to Expect

Our bodies change SO much during pregnancy! It’s pretty amazing how we are supporting the growth of our little baby!


While it truly is one of the most amazing experiences - it comes with a lot of aches, pains, weird symptoms AND weight gain. It’s easy to start getting down on ourselves due to weight gain and seeing our body change - but I learned that by knowing where all the extra weight is coming from, I actually feel a lot more confident and impressed with the changes in my body.


I also highly recommend NOT weighing yourself! When you go to your routine healthcare appointments, let your nurse or doctor check your weight for your records - but let them know you don’t want to know the number unless they have concerns. This way, you can just focus on fueling and moving your body and not being distracted or discouraged by the number on the scale.


The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 25-35 lbs, but each pregnancy and each body is different. It is pretty neat to know where this weight disperses though. Take a look at this!


Baby: 7-8lbs

Placenta: 1-2 lbs

Amniotic Fluid: 2 lbs

Uterus: 2 lbs

Maternal Breast Tissue: 2 lbs

Maternal Blood: 4 lbs

Increased Fluids: 4 lbs

Maternal Nutrient Stores: 7 lbs


Amazing, right?!


Keep loving your body for what it is doing and find a fun fitness routine you enjoy! Check our my Fit Pregnancy Program for a safe AND effective program!


xo Kim

1st Trimester Remedies - Mood Swings, Sinus Congestion, Cramps… what can you do?!


Crazy mood swings, sensitive gums, nose bleeds, sinus congestion, anxiety, back pain, cramping, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, having to pee all the time! Hormones are SO CRAZY! What made it easier for me?! A few things!

⭐ avoid smells & foods that trigger nausea

⭐ go to bed early!

⭐ ask for help - accept help from family & friends as much as possible

⭐ get a babysitter for your older kiddos!

⭐ find foods & remedies that help & keep your house stocked with them!

⭐ grocery pick up service is so nice!

⭐ naps

⭐ exercise! I have more energy and less intense symptoms on days I workout - anyone else?! You can check out my Fit Pregnancy program if you are looking for a safe and effective program!

⭐ weak comfy clothes

⭐ don't expect yourself to have a clean house and dinner on the table every day - you are pregnant and allowed to REST, take breaks and do nothing!


Just know that these 1st trimester symptoms do eventually pass - you got this Mama!


xo Kim