Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness - My Story

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness - My Story

Whether you have gone through a loss, or you have a friend or family member that has - I hope this post brings you support & love.

I had a miscarriage between Ayla & Rosie. It was right before Christmas a few years ago & we were planning to announce it at Christmas. I was about 14 weeks along and was completely blindsided when I found out.


As you can imagine we were devastated. I cried, a lot. I felt so much pain. I felt so empty, so sad and totally out of it. I was incredibly grateful however that I had a lot to hold onto.


Everyone is unique, but what helped me get through such a difficult loss was counting every single one of my blessings. I reminded myself that I was okay, healthy, and strong.


I prayed, I cried, I felt the pain. I gave myself space to grieve. I read a lot and I accepted the love pouring in from everyone around me.


It was really hard for me to face friends and family during this time. I felt so delicate, so fragile.


I wanted to share a few tips and even some "what not to say" to someone who has experienced a loss 👇🏽


Keep in mind - this is not a straightforward journey & everyone handles their grief differently, but here are a few things you can do to hold space for yourself.

- take time to grieve: there is no timeline or rush on this process

- talk to someone: whether it's your mom, sister, a friend who has been through something similar or a professional - be sure to talk through your emotions with someone

- do little things that bring you joy: in the midst of sadness, give yourself permission to do something you love, go out to coffee with a friend or on a date night with your spouse


Words that can hurt & what not to say to a friend experiencing loss:

"At least you CAN get pregnant" - this may seem comforting in the moment, but it can actually be hurtful

"Everything happens for a reason"

At least you already have a kid(s) 

👉🏽 Words to say: 

💕 I'm here for you however I can be 

💕 I'm so sorry for your loss 

💕 Can I drop by a coffee/dinner/dessert 


Remember that your loved ones don't need an explanation or opinion from you, they just need

your love 🙏🏽


xo Kim