Pelvic Floor Strength & What is NOT Normal 🤔

Pelvic Floor Strength & What is NOT Normal 🤔

I feel like there are so many terms that get thrown around when talking about the pelvic floor! "Too weak" "overactive" "leaking" - what is normal & what's not?! 

Understanding the core & pelvic floor is so valuable, especially during pregnancy & postpartum! 


Pelvic Floor Health & Strength:

Our Pelvic Floor has 4 main areas of muscle function:

💗 Support

💗 Sphincter Control

💗 Sexual Satisfaction

💗 Stability

The prenatal exercise we do to create a healthy pelvic floor during pregnancy and then the postpartum care we get after birth is SO important as it truly can impact our forever health.

Urinary incontinence & pain in the pelvis/hips is NOT normal! If you're experiencing this during pregnancy or postpartum, please reach out to a Physical Therapist that specializes in Women's Health 🙏🏽

I feel so strongly about teaching proper pelvic floor strengthening and that is why my Fit Pregnancy & Abs after Baby programs have videos with Michelle Little, Women's Health Physical Therapist 

In Abs after Baby, Michelle goes into depth about postpartum health & what it looks like to get back to prebaby core strength!


Please don't ignore your pelvic pain or weakness - it CAN be corrected ⭐