Overcoming Overwhelm as a Busy Mama

Overcoming Overwhelm as a Busy Mama

Our day to day hustle can get a little overwhelming... too much noise, lots of messes, laundry that needs to be folded, it can stress me out real quick 😞

 I wanted to share a few of the ways I set a calm environment in our home to encourage winding down. 

These suggestions can be used in moments of overwhelm & overstimulation (I deal with these feelings DAILY) or can simply be implemented as a daily practice to avoid getting to that heightened state!


Set a Calming Mood: a few of my favorite ways are to diffuse oils (lavender & peppermint are great options), use salt lamps, light a candle & play meditation music

Create a block for Quiet Time: whether your kids are still napping during the day or not - it can be really helpful to have a set time of the day where they head to their room or quiet space to rest & do a calm activity (color, read, puzzles, etc). This gives them a quiet moment to be with themselves & it gives you time to rest & recharge ⚡

Unplug: give yourself space away from technology. This is especially important in the evenings before bed & first thing in the morning. Practice switching your phone to "do not disturb," closing your computer & turning off the TV. Instead, read a book, play a game with your husband or work on a craft or hobby 🥰

Spend time outside 🌞: I know the weather may not be ideal right now where you are, but spending time outside in the fresh air has shown to decrease stress, increase energy & reap the positive benefits of "grounding." Even just a few moments at a time (if it's cold) will benefit you and your littles!

Choose Calmer Options when using technology: My girls love the Netflix show "Mighty Little Bheem" - there are no words & it is super cute! Also the show "True" teaches breathing & meditation practice. Sometimes, the exciting & loud shows/movies can be overstimulating - try something like this one in moments where it is time to wind down 

Meditation has been proven to help decrease anxiety, release stress, promote restful sleep, support your wellness & even boost your mood! I created my Mindful Mama: Meditations for Motherhood program to provide you with a library of Guided Meditations specific to what we experience as moms. You get lifetime access to the full library for just $49!


As mamas, our families follow our lead. If we are heightened & overwhelmed, our kids will likely follow ❌ We are human & we are allowed to have our moments of frustration, but I encourage you to set up intentional practices to set up a calm environment & trust me, it will shine through your little ones too!