How I Stay Motivated to Maintain my Fitness Routine:

How I Stay Motivated to Maintain my Fitness Routine

I get asked all of the time: how do you stay motivated to wake up each day & do your workout?!


 âœ… First things first - I am not always motivated 🙈 There are days where I really struggle to get out of bed & workout...but I do it out of habit & dedication.

Most mornings I feel like I'm dragggging myself out of bed. It doesn't always feel great waking up in the dark morning hours to put on a sports bra (just being honest! ðŸĪŠ)

*please note: it's important to recognize listening to your body and resting when you need to vs. just not feeling like working out & pushing through that lack of motivation.


✅ The Benefits: when I remember the benefits & importance of working out I'm more likely to follow through. Knowing I'll have better sleep, more energy & physically feel stronger really helps me


✅ Rewarding Myself: it can be fun & effective to gift yourself a little treat like new workout gear, a facemask, an iced coffee, etc! Giving yourself goals like: workout 5x this week & and I will treat myself to a manicure ðŸĪĐ can work for many of us & if that works for you - do it!


✅ Music: an upbeat playlist can help SO much when you aren't feeling like moving. I made this one for you! ðŸŽĩ 


Keep in mind - finding a workout routine that fits into your lifestyle is SO important! I keep all of my daily workouts to 10-20 minutes & find that to be effective AND doable 🙌🏞


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