Postpartum Mocktail Recipe

2 weeks postpartum and I’ve had this drink everyday! Flavor will vary depending on the brands you add 💦 


  • 2 cups coconut water (hydration & milk support)


  • 1 cup tart cherry juice 🍒 (anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery + hormone balance)


  • Electrolytes (I use @rookiewellness pineapple coconut 😋 I add this for hydration & they use BCAAs for muscle recovery) code: KIMPERRY 


  • Recovery drops from @thisis.anya (loaded with vitamin C- a critical nutrient for repairing tissue internally, producing collagen for skin repair and supporting your immunity!!) code: KIM15


  • Alfalfa (high in zinc 👏🏼 great for postpartum healing, increase milk supply & reduce bleeding risks)


  • add ice & enjoy! 🧊 


Save & Share with you pregnant or postpartum friend!! 💫