Welcome, mama

I’m so glad you’re here! Working
with moms like you is what gets me
out of bed in the morning—well,
that and my kids!

Five years ago, I never would’ve imagined I would be
able to help pregnant women and new moms every
day. My first pregnancy was tough; I had no idea what
to expect, and often felt alone and anxious. Also, my
body was changing so quickly—I just didn't feel like
myself anymore.

The only thing that made me feel better was move-
ment—exercise always left me feeling strong and in
control. After becoming Pre/Post-Natal Certified, I
began to share my workouts online and slowly built a
close-knit community of moms like me (and you!).

I went from recording and editing
videos in my basement at 5am before
work to eventually quitting my
full-time teaching job.

I realized that helping other moms was incredibly
fun and fulfilling, and it became my dream job—
I didn’t want to do anything else!

Now I’m an entrepreneur, fit pregnancy coach,
mom of three and a strong believer that new
and expecting moms can get fit and happy just
like I did. I’m here to help you step into your
power through fitness, because healthy moms
raise happy babies.

More about me!

What’s your sign?

Taurus—I’m a super hard worker, always
up for a challenge, committed and patient
and prioritize comfort over everything!
The Rock is a Taurus too :)

What’s your favorite
way to unwind?

Hot cup of tea, some snacks & Netflix.

What’s one thing you want
to accomplish one day?

Host a wellness retreat for moms!

What do you miss most
about being pregnant?

Feeling the baby kick, and just the general excitement!

What’s your favorite thing
to do with your kids?

I love bringing them to new places they’ve
never been like hiking trails, gymnastics,
or new playgrounds. I love how excited they
get and the sense of wonder they have
discovering something new!

What’s your most impressive
hidden talent?

I can pick things up with my feet!

What are you most likely
to binge watch?

Murder mysteries, health documentaries
and Friends.

What was your craziest
pregnancy craving?

Watermelon! The cravings were so strong.

What’s a snack that’s
meant for your kids, but
you love it too?

I love their granola bars and gummies.

What’s your favorite way
to exercise that includes
your kids?

Playing outside! Stroller walks, playing tag
and riding bikes are some of our favorites.

Kim Perry